Frisco Lakes Montessori

Frisco Lakes Montessori is a premier member school of the American Montessori Society (AMS) and is licensed as one of the leading Frisco private schools by the State of Texas. Our mission is to cultivate a Montessori environment to nourish and channel each child’s love of learning, enabling them to reach their full potential as self-confident, responsible adults. Students here experience the joy of individualized learning with continuous success.   




Now accepting Infants ages 6 weeks-18 months

What We're All About

Frisco Lakes Montessori is an educational institution focused on early childhood development. We follow the Montessori Philosophy, covering all aspects of holistic development – mental, physical, social, and emotional. Our stimulating Montessori environment empowers your child to experience the joy of learning, whether interacting with prepared learning materials in the classroom, playing in our beautiful outdoor playground, or engaging in our many enrichment programs, like music, art, yoga, computer sciences, chess, and P.E.  


Why Choose Us

What makes us unique ? Our excellent and spacious facility? Our exprienced teachers? Our enrichment and hollistic programs ? Our commitment to every child to grow mentally, physically, socially and emotionally? We think all of the above and much more. Come by, take a look on why Frisco Trails will inspire academic excellence and may be the best choice for your child and you.
Kids in school

Why Choose Us

As an accredited Montessori school in Frisco, we are committed to every child’s mental, physical, social, and emotional growth. Our clean, spacious classrooms are distraction-free, and each of our programs is guided by experienced teachers who nurture and support every child’s developmental journey. We invite you to tour the facility at Frisco Lakes Montessori and see how we inspired academic excellence. 

What Makes us unique



Every child has a natural love of learning. At Frisco Lakes Montessori, we nurture this instinct by supporting them within an engaging Montessori setting. Our spacious classrooms encourage students to explore their environment and appeal to their innate curiosity. Guided by our accredited teachers, students are inspired through active, hands-on experiences.



By cultivating a child’s curiosity and innate drive to learn, our Montessori philosophy features specially designed materials that encourage each student to select the activities that appeal to their specific interests. This empowers them to explore at their own pace and better absorb concepts. 



Our experienced teachers help each child excel in their learning with a sense of independence by focusing on their unique interests. Our classrooms are clean, clutter-free, and child-centric. All learning materials are easily accessible on low shelves so students can retrieve and put away items themselves. This instills independence at an early age, a child that is motivated and confident. 



“The first time I walked into the school, I was hooked. The classrooms were so beautiful. I’ll never look at regular school the same way.”
“This is the way learning is supposed to be."

Frisco Lakes follows The Montessori Method for early education and childhood development

3188 Legacy Drive, Frisco, TX 75034 (Behind the Carwash)

(972) 244-4220