How to Help Your Child Transition from Home to the Classroom 

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How to Help Your Child Transition from Home to the Classroom 

A change in the routine can spell trouble for your young child, especially those who have never attended school before.  

A change in the routine can spell trouble for your young child, especially those who have never attended school before.  

But whether it’s your infant’s first time at a new school or your preschool or elementary-aged kids are returning from a long summer break, you can take the proper steps to make the transition more manageable (and take the load off of your shoulders). 

Here are the top five transition strategies for preschoolers, elementary-aged kids, and even infants! 

1. Create a Schedule and Start It Early 

Children who are going to transition from home to preschool or are returning after a three-month summer break likely don’t have the same routine they’ll need once the first day of school begins. That said, it’s best to create a schedule and stick to it a few weeks before the actual first day begins. Stick to a regular feeding and sleeping schedule that will follow suit with school days.  

2. Seek Out Different Social Settings 

For many future and returning students, socialization looks different compared to school social settings. For example, it may be an only child that doesn’t spend a whole lot of time with other kids. You can help ease them into a new (and broader) social setting by looking for venues with many children, such as a summer day camp or library class. 

3. Talk About It 

Open communication is one of the greatest things you can give your child. That said, talk to your child about the new and upcoming changes to help them get prepared. But don’t just talk – listen, too. Always listen and validate their feelings, whether they’re sharing excitement, fear, or another emotion. Then, try to help them work through their thoughts and concerns. 

4. Be Their Personal Cheerleader 

Some small kiddos may feel scared to go to their first day and transition in classroom. Elementary-aged kids may simply feel apathetic or annoyed about going to school again. Help to terminate those feelings and get them excited about going to school by becoming their personal cheerleader.  

5. Take a Tour of the Facility 

Infants, toddlers, and kids planning to attend a new school should taking a tour of their new learning environment to familiarize themselves with the facility and teachers. That way, they’re not “stepping into the unknown” on the first day. 

Transition to Frisco Lakes Montessori 

At Frisco Lakes Montessori, we know the importance of helping kids transition to a new school. That’s why family tours of our beautiful facility is part of our enrollment process.  

We also observe your child’s behavior closely to help them with the transition and have a flexible policy that allows children to move when they need to, ensuring a positive and prepared transition prior to the first day. Our proactive approach is why many have named us one of the best private schools in Frisco, TX

Our environment is optimized for your child and designed around their needs. Teachers speak in gentle tones, and our décor is homelike. Your child will feel right at home in an environment created just for them. Children in early development are sensitive to changes in routine, and our Frisco Lakes Montessori teachers understand that. That’s why they make every effort to help your child feel safe and comfortable in their new environment. 

Spring enrollment for Frisco Lakes Montessori’s is now open! Our Montessori teachers are dedicated to supporting and nurturing every child as they make the transition from home to the classroom. As a result, your child will develop a deep affinity for school and a lifelong love of learning. Call (972) 992-7947 to schedule a tour of our Frisco Lakes Montessori facility today!  

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