How to Implement Montessori at Home | Frisco Lakes Montessori


How to Implement Montessori at Home | Frisco Lakes Montessori

The Montessori Method is a child-led education philosophy that emphasizes a child's mental, social, emotional, and physical growth.

The Montessori Method is a child-led education philosophy that emphasizes a child’s mental, social, emotional, and physical growth. With some preparation, you can implement many Montessori principles into your home. 

Tips to Incorporate Montessori at Home 

By taking the Montessori concepts your child learns at school and reinforcing them in the real world, your child can better understand and be receptive to the goals of Montessori education and experience it holistically. 

Get organized 

Children naturally crave structure. In the Montessori environment, students retrieve and put away learning materials and toys on their own, which fosters autonomy and independence. By encouraging them to put away clothes and toys where they belong, your home environment will enable them to be responsible and self-confident. 

Montessori homeschooling is fun and engaging for the whole family. Organize toys like blocks, beads, or flashcards on trays. Teach your child to clean as they go, putting the last tray back where it belongs before bringing out the next. 

Encourage learning 

Your aim with the Montessori approach is to encourage your child’s natural enthusiasm for learning. Whenever you can, read aloud. Create a delightful reading area with soft cushions and a book basket. 

Utilize several senses to introduce the alphabet. Your kid may visually rearrange magnetic letters to create words, feel sandpaper letters, and hear the sound each letter in a word makes. Encouraging learning through exploration is an excellent approach to Montessori education

Empower your child 

Today’s children will become tomorrow’s leaders. Empowering children today contributes to a brighter tomorrow. Caring for people in their life helps them develop healthy self-esteem, confidence, and resilience. Encourage your children to become independent, and do their work themselves, like making snacks, contributing to home chores, wear the dress they want. This is also great Montessori home activity. 

When it comes to Montessori, less is more. Students feel empowered when they’re able to do things on their own, like getting dressed or answering the phone. Give them the tools they need to perform tasks safely, so they feel in control of the world around them. 

Give your kids the tools to succeed 

An atmosphere of respect and kindness is essential for Montessori parenting. Teach your kids how to welcome guests into their homes with a smile. Show sympathy, know how to deal with a difficult situation, and learn how to respond consciously when someone confronts them.  

Absorbent mind 

Children learn more effectively through observation than by being told what to do. Encourage your child to learn about the world by engaging them in Montessori home learning. They are learning how to learn when exploring and seeing the natural world in their own way.  

Montessori home activities can include setting up a garden and cultivating blueberries, stargazing in the backyard on a warm night, or taking a hike to experience natural beauty.  

Regardless of which methods you choose, it’s important to remember that children are more receptive when they aren’t being micromanaged. Give them the freedom they need to embark on a lifelong love of learning. 

Frisco Lakes Montessori 

Frisco Lakes Montessori is a distinguished member of the American Montessori Society (AMS) and is licensed as one of the top private schools in Frisco. Our goal is to cultivate a Montessori atmosphere that will encourage and support each child’s love of learning so they can grow into confident, responsible individuals.  

At Frisco Lakes Montessori, students get personalized attention and achieve continuous success. We invite you to tour our school, ask questions, and observe the students in our prepared environment. Visit us today

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